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Mystery Shopping Providers

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Businesses to Business Clients

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What is iSecretShop?

iSS is both a comprehensive data collection software system AND a Shopper Portal/Job Board. Shoppers register here to gain immediate access to ALL the shops published through the iSS System from ALL our MSPs in one convenient place. iSS is not a MSP. We are software. Software designed to make everyone's experience easier, smarter and more efficient.

So instead of being overwhelmed by 100s of emails a week from dozens of MSPs - iSS will send you one weekly Available Shops email with everything near you. Don't log into a dozen sites to plan routes, log in here. Once. And see everything in a single place. Track your payments, communicate with MSPs, complete your shops - all right here.

MSPs use iSS to schedule, edit and publish shops. And to compile complex data for their end clients. Shoppers use it to make their work faster, easier and far more convenient - whether they are using a smartphone or the traditional PC method to complete their assignments. Or both!

Register with iSecretShop and Re-Discover Mystery Shopping!